Monday evening saw Sheldon Alexander, operating manager and owner of Dean Coyler Construction, LLC in attendance at the February Browns Village Board meeting, as requested by trustees at their meeting last month.

After reading a synopsis of the minutes - many items of which involved the work done in Browns by Dean Coyler Construction - Alexander was questioned about several key issues the trustees wanted addressed.

Last month, Mayor David Smith explained to the board about one of the main issues - having plastic PVC pipes instead of galvanized steel - brought to the job by Alexander and his crew. Mayor Smith did note that before the plastic pipes were installed, he was able to inform Alexander about the needed change, instructing Alexander to put in the steel pipes instead, which was accomplished.

Mayor Smith then asked Alexander, “so, what about the price difference on the culverts??

Alexander replied, “…when we did this, we walked around with you and you said ‘we want this ditch cleaned out from here to there, replace this culvert and this culvert and this culvert.’ There were no specs on the job, there were no blueprints, there was no scope of work, there was nothing like that. So we just went off that. We had priced plastic culverts; that’s what was in the bid. There was no ‘we want steel culverts.’ I mean, we had nothing to go off.?

“You guys want to nit-pick things, then you can get a scope of work, put it out to bid, and then you’ll have what you need…like with the tree in the ditch, I know that’s another issue.?

“If we didn’t specify, then that’s our bad,? Trustee Misty Pearson later added.

Trustee Glen Iles asked how many of the culverts went across public roads, to which Alexander responded that he believed none of them did, they all went into private entrance.

Iles then said, “but in the past, every culvert we furnished for every lot in the village had to be galvanized, a certain diameter and as far as length, I know that. I don’t know where we have ever put in a plastic tile or driveway entrance, anywhere. I’m not saying that’s on [Alexander].?

“I think if it crossed an..alley or across a road, I think he would be wrong for putting plastic in, because that’s across the board: State. He ought to know that it has to be steel. Now going in a private driveway, I think that might be teeter-totter, because it’s not a public [thoroughfare].?

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