During the Oct. 28 regular council meeting, Mayor Thompson presented to the board a suggestion that the Grayville Days Committee be set up as its own entity and their funds separated out from under the city’s finances. 

“I think it would be in the city’s best interests if the Grayville Days Committee was told to get a 501c3,” said Thompson.

Mayor Thompson noted that he had discussed the notion with City Attorney Jay Walden previously.

“I really felt like that’s what it should have been for a long period of time because of the fact that, with good reason, the committee acts independently, manages its expenditures and income independently, and yet, as I understand it, it all runs through the city which makes the city responsible for things they don’t actually control,” Walden explained.

Several members of the Grayville Days Committee were there to listen and participate in the conversation. Committee member Steve Kendrick was the first to speak up; he began by addressing a rather immediate concern in applying for a 501c3.

“There are certainly quite a bit of legal fees that would be involved in applying for a 501c3.”

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