The West Salem Board of Trustees heard some troubling news regarding their water loss issues during their October regular meeting Monday night.

The water loss percentage for the village had dropped to nine percent in August, according to the board’s water report last month. The September report, however, saw that percentage elevate beyond 20 percent once again.

“That means we had an average of just over 9,000 gallon per day unaccounted for,” said Carlson. “We don’t know where that went.

“That loss was back up to 22 percent this time.”

Carlson suggested a couple of issues that could have contributed to the jump in water loss last month.

“I know the guys have been working on a lot of water breaks off and on,” she said. “I’m sure that plays into it.”

The Village Treasurer also noted some confusion regarding water meters that were thought to be inactive as another contributing factor.

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