Finance Commissioner David Jordan told the Grayville City Council Monday night that it’s that time of year again when the city begins to investigate a tax levy. Right now the EAV is down and it has gone down several years and that “continues to hurt us,” he explained. Last year the city levied $287,235. He said, “with the decrease in assessed valuation, we only received $276,780 so we lost about $10,000.”

“Using the  projected numbers, if we use the tax levy of $282,000 which is a little less than last year, Its about a one parent increase.” Right now Jordan said he  recommended a one percent increase at $282,026.25. He said the new budget ordinance would have to be filed by the end of December.

“It’s hard to understand why some of our EAV numbers have gone down like they have, but those are the numbers we have to work with.” The council agreed, passing the one percent increase in the tax levy for next year...... See more in this weeks navigator.