The Illinois Department of Public Health is looking for medical professionals to enlist in the war against COVID-19.

Every cellular phone in the state of Illinois received a message Tuesday morning which requested any medically-trained individuals who received it to register as a volunteer to work in a hospital surge or alternative house setting as the state continues to combat the spread of Novel Coronavirus. Those wishing to answer the call were informed that they could do so at the website

“By registering with Illinois Helps, an Emergency System for Advance Registration of Volunteer Health Professionals, you can be part of alert system and respond if available, when activated, to a significant disaster or public health emergency,” it was stated on the Illinois Helps site. “Once you have registered to become a volunteer, your professional credentials will be verified and this information will become part of the statewide secure database.”

Only the Director of the Illinois Department of Public Health or the Director of the Chicago Department of Public Health, or their designees, are able to activate Illinois Helps.

Those wanting to volunteer during the Coronavirus pandemic who are not medical professionals may find opportunities to do so at