At Superintendent and Principal of Grayville Junior and Senior High, Sarah Emery’s last Grayville Community Unit School #1 Board of Education meeting last week, agenda items were discussed and approved smoothly, paving the path for Dr. Julie Harrelson to begin the official takeover next Wednesday.

Several public service announcements were made, to include details on 2020-2021 registration. Registration will be Wednesday, July 22, from 8 a.m. until 7 p.m. “There may need to be some adjustments made as far as making sure there is no more than 50 people…”

She did share that Horizon Healthcare will also be there again, providing physicals for the students, though Iconic Photography will not be available for “back to school” pictures at registration. “That may be something that we hold off on, because of the 50 gathering [restrictions], and just go back to doing it during the school year.”  

According to Emery, 2020 yearbooks are available for ordering for $24 each,  

“there’s a deadline of July 10 so that you don’t have to pay shipping…you can still order after the tenth, but you do have to pay for the shipping,” Emery shared.

She also noted that the yearbook is similar to the ones they have been doing for the past few years, and added, “you can get a hard back, a soft cover or the electronic version…”

Both Wells Elementary Principal Levi Johnson and Emery discussed the necessity for supplies for the schools needed. The plan is to utilize the CARES grant money, of which the district is intending to request $88,000. 

Dr. Harrelson has been working on the application, and according to Emery, it is ready to be submitted. “A lot of it, they’re recommending that you spend on things that have to do with helping kids be connected-Chromebooks, internet access, things of that nature-in the event that this happens again.”

Mr. Johnson added, “[I] got some information on some sprayers and disinfectant that we could potentially purchase for the new requirements…”

Emery continued, “Things like Mr. Johnson was talking about, the cleaning supplies. Things to make it quicker, easier, more thorough.”

Johnson is also working with Head of Maintenance, Shannon Reid about ordering the new handicap sign as previously discussed, they just have to wait for the new fiscal year. They are also working on ordering “replacement seats for the cafeteria…[and] some ceiling tiles [for] in the elementary gym.”

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