The Edwards County Emergency-911 Board met for it’s overdue quarterly meeting Monday evening. On the agenda, they covered general 911 business, to include a copious amount of discussion pertaining to the reappointment of board members.

911 Coordinator John Griswold said, “was there a question with the commissioners on who’s terms were up?” County Commissioner and 911 Board member Duane Lear responded, “yeah, I think he figured all that out last week,” referring to Davis Messman, Chairman of the EC Board.

Griswold then shared with the board some research he and Mary Beth Smith, the Circuit Clerk for Edwards County, did on terms.

Lear noted, “I think the only one that’s been reappointed is me, I don’t think anyone else has been reappointed yet.”

“They expired in December, so technically, if you’re not reappointed-you’re not on the board.”

“We like to get it [in] September or October so by December 1 it’s already reappointed,” he continued. “Here we are, six months past appointment, and nobody’s been reappointed.”

Griswold clarified, “by the Commissioners,” to which Lear responded in the affirmative.

“We’ve run into that with the fair board, and everybody else, too,” Lear also noted.

Vice Chairman Harvey Fenton noted that the last vacancy had been filled by Mike Judge, while Griswold told Lear he’d ensure all reappointments were brought to the County Board by Nov. 1. “The rest is up to Davis Messman, he usually does the appointments,” Lear told the board.

Fenton then questioned whether or not there was “…a statute that says the County Board Chairman will do the appointing? A state statute?” Lear responded again in the affirmative, saying he knows there is, to which Griswold then requested of Lear if it was “possible to get a copy” of the statute from the County Board, to which Lear responded, “I’m sure there is.” 

Griswold continued, “because-I’ll be honest with you-I’ve been asked to find it, and I’ve searched and searched and searched through the statutes…I’ve called two attorneys, I’ve talked to the 911 State Police Board and all kinds of people, and nobody can seem to put that on paper. I’m not arguing that it’s not, I’m just saying it would be good to see that…for all boards…I’ve talked to Eric (St. Ledger, State’s Attorney) about it too, and Eric didn’t seem to interested in digging it up…”

In response to Griswold’s question about continuing further or seeking counsel, Lear said that “we could probably dig it up for you.”

“It’d be good to get that, because it’s been questioned by two or three members.”

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