After President Dale Woods opened the Edwards County School Board Special meeting on Wednesday, Jan. 8, he noted that earlier in the day, “I had somebody ask me-in the public today-what our meeting was about, and I said “well, basically, we start talking about a subject, and it’s too big to talk about during a regular board meeting, so we’re having a special board meeting.””

“If we wanted to do something regarding curriculum, like vocation, things like that, it’s the Board’s responsibility to tell [Cowger] the direction we want to go, and then [Cowger] and the administrators to figure out how we’re going to get there….so, there’s a lot of things that could possibly come up, so I don’t know where it’ll go, but it’s an open discussion,” said Woods.

Woods then discussed some topics that came up while on the tour with urban legislator Diane Pappas (D) back on Nov. 15. He shared that “[Nelson] talked about…his vision for maybe using this building over here someday…Well, that’s part of the open topic: do we have a vision for that building?” asked Woods. “Because, before we can use it, we need to tell [Cowger] what we want to use it for. That’s our job, is to give the administrators direction, and then let them figure out how to get there.”

“At one time, you brought up maybe having the bus barn down here at the other location,” continued Woods, referring to the land formerly occupied by the Albion Motel, recently gifted to the Edwards County CUSD 1. “That’s something to talk about, because at some point in time, we need to decide what we want to do with that property...does that fit in with our plans for re-doing a building?”

The board discussed the auto program at length, weighing options and possibilities similar to those expressed by the automotive technology teacher, Mr. Gary Welsh last month. Woods questioned whether there was room in the current location for more students, and if not, then that meant the weight gym would have to be taken into consideration. Rick Wolfe emphasized, “about everything’s contingent on something else,” which several board members affirmed.

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