In an odd turn of events at Monday night’s Grayville City Council meeting, Finance Commissioner Jordan questioned the approval of the Consent Agenda within the first 30 seconds of the meeting’s start.

“I have a question on the bills. When did we approve the transfer of $15,000 from the motel tax to Grayville Days?” he asked.

Mayor Travis Thompson replied, “it’s on for tonight.”

Jordan continued, “but we approved the bills, it’s in there,” indicating this wasn’t necessarily something previously approved even though it appeared in the consent agenda.

Meanwhile, Thompson told him no several times, reiterating “it’s on for tonight under ‘new business.’” This led to the council to all review the consent agenda closer, leaving those in attendance-which included representatives from the Grayville Days Committee-in silence except for the rustling of papers.

Water/Sewer Commissioner Tyler Howell stated, “now, I see that on there,” referring to the bills section, “but it’s not on here,” assumingly referring to the consent agenda. 

Jordan replied, “it’s been transferred out of the motel tax and is already shows up on the bills on the last page.” 

Howell then said, “it’s not on the account right now,” to which Jordan replied, “yeah, because last meeting we had $29,000 in hotel/motel tax, and we’ve only got $14,316.16 tonight, so there’s $15,000b already deducted out of the hotel/motel tax.”

Howell then noted, “but it’s not in the Grayville Days account, either, is it?” Jordan responded in the negative, while Howell then asked, “it’s just hanging out there?”

“Correct,” Jordan answered.

“But it shouldn’t have been written until it was approved.”

Howell voiced his agreement. Throughout the exchange, the rest of the council remained silent.

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