Wherever business happens, a robust internet connection is essential—and now, with satellite systems, it’s possible.

(NAPSI)—Modern satellite Internet means small and medium businesses can get a connection no matter where they are. Satellite is driving innovation across industries as diverse as construction, nonprofits, agriculture, retail and more in even many of what may seem to be the hardest-to-reach places.

How It Works

The Internet signal is delivered via radio waves from the satellite. The signal comes down to your office, store, farm or work site and is captured by a small dish-shaped antenna outside connected to a modem inside.

Satellite Internet streamlines operations with fast speeds and reliable connectivity. It doesn’t need an existing address to connect customers—it can, for example, service a mobile construction trailer via latitude and longitude. And it can be available within days instead of the months other systems can take.

Satellite internet has come a long way in the past 10 years. It now provides broadband speeds of 25 Mbps or faster with monthly rates that are just as affordable as other internet services. In fact, it has become a lifeline for many local auto repair and maintenance shops that are using internet to order parts, answer customer questions, and process payments. Viasat Business Satellite Internet has given those types of businesses and many others a new affordable and faster connection, with the flexibility to set up shop in the community of their choosing, not having to worry about the existing infrastructure. 

For other small businesses, such as independently owned farms, Satellite Internet has given them a competitive edge to compete with the big guys. Helping them use Internet of Things (IoT) and smart farming tech, such as sensors that detect when crops need water or a cold front is coming. 

From the factory floor to the farm, satellite Internet enables businesses of all types to connect to game-changing services from almost any location. As daily business tasks continue to move online, knowing that your business is connected is more than a convenience—it’s practically a requirement.

Satellite Internet supports a business’s critical applications: email, video conferencing, point-of-sale, inventory, security and more. Being offline even for a few hours can cost a business a great deal, which is why satellite is also regularly used as a back-up connection to ensure business systems never go offline. A reliable secondary service is excellent insurance against service interruptions from a primary ISP.

As the digital economy expands, businesses need to adopt an online strategy to remain competitive. That’s one reason more and more businesses across the U.S., including rural locations, need a reliable Internet solution to ensure they’re able to serve their customers and their community. Satellite Internet delivers a primary or secondary connectivity option for small and medium businesses to remain competitive. 

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 "Satellite Internet drives innovation across industries as diverse as construction, nonprofits, agriculture, retail and more in some of the hardest to reach places. Says farmer Brett Goecke: “Viasat works; it’s the fastest Internet we’ve had to date.”https://bit.ly/39NigGy"