If you are happy with our country being so divided,

If you enjoy our leaders spewing hate and lies,

If you like the wealthy adding to their riches while the average American suffers,

If you watch protesters looting businesses and destroying property,

If you watch radicals tear down statues and destroying our history,

If you watch our leaders pardon criminals and arrest innocent people,

If you watch our leaders brag on themselves and trash anyone who disagrees with them, 

You should be happy, and fly your Trump flags.

If you’re like me, you should want our country to come back together with love and respect for one another.

I am tired of hearing our country is going great when people are hurting.

I am tired of shootings and killings everyday.

I am tired of people trashing others!

I am tired of hate and lies we see everyday.

Where is love and respect for others?

The answer, my friends, is God. 

Our country has forgotten God and everyone is so self-centered today. We want everyone to see things our way. We want to live our own way and no one, even God, can tell us how to live.

Our churches have failed us by not teaching the Bible truth.

Our children are brought up by electronic devises an no parental guidance.

There is hope if God’s people will repent and turn to Him.

“For me and my house, we will serve the Lord.”

Andrew Hampton

West Salem