There will be some major changes to Ag Days this year. These changes are necessary and beyond the Wabash County Chamber of Commerce and Ag Days Committee’s control. They are trying to make the best of a difficult situation.

They regret to inform their beloved community that they are not have the traditional event this year. There are many safety and logistical factors that have resulted in this decision, keeping in mind the safety of the attendees, vendors, work staff and the many volunteers it takes to run the four-day street carnival. However, a big deciding factor was the State of Illinois is not inspecting rides at this current time.

The Wabash County Chamber of Commerce relies on funds from Ag Days to operate throughout the entire year, as they are a private, not-for-profit organization. They do not receive funds from state or local government, but rely upon fundraisers and membership dues from businesses. There are many other not-for-profit organizations that use Ag Days as their largest fundraiser of the year, so they will also be affected by the decision made this year.

The good news: Ag Days food and entertainment-on a smaller scale-will still be held uptown on a few Fridays over the summer: June 26, July 10, July 24 and July 29. They are working to coordinate all the details and will be making announcements at There will be the infamous Ag Days Lemon Shake-Ups at several events over the summer.

The Chamber and Ag Days Committee are also still trying to determine the fate of Little Miss Ag Days. If you know anyone interested in participating, they can message the coordinators on the Ag Days Facebook page: They also are currently conducting a poll on this page to see if people do or do not think they should have Little Miss this year.

The Chamber and Ag Days Committee would like to thank the City of Mount Carmel and Wabash County Health Department for their help and guidance, as well as the public for their understanding. They know this is not exactly what the community hoped to see for Ag Days this year; however, they shared that it was out of their hands. They know that this decision affects so many people, and they want the community to know they are not taking this lightly.

Here is a link to the first event of the series:

If you know any food vendors or not-for-profits interested in a food vendor and entertainment event they should call 618-262-5116 or email [email protected]. They are still in the planning phases and will try to accommodate anyone in need of a fundraiser during the mini-Ag Days events.

If you are a Stage or Entertainment Sponsor they will still have your company logo sign at all the events they are planning. If you wish to be a sponsor, they could really use the support this year. They have a few Stage Sponsors ($200) opened. Please Lesley Hipsher know as soon as possible if you are interested as our first event is scheduled for Friday (June 26).