Small World at Wabash Valley College was once again filled with lively voices and the excitement of learning on Aug. 5! Children ages six months to 11 years old started back Wednesday. 

Small World Director Carla Cadwalader said staff had worked and trained for two days on COVID-19 policy and practice. Children ages three and above and staff will be wearing masks and maintaining social distancing. 

Mrs. Cadwalader came up with a unique way for children to remember to social distance, "we are using pool noodles," said Cadwalader. Children and staff use the noodle to measure social distancing while working and playing. When someone gets too close, they simply say, "noodle, noodle.” Already on the first day children were independently maintaining a safe distance.

Small World is back in business, serving the families of our community. Special exits, masks and social distancing is definitely not stifling learning. Academy students are following a 7-hour, academic-based schedule in order to help students prepare for their transition to public school mid-August.