When I used to think of "Bloody Chicago,” I thought of the 1920’s and the mob during prohibition. The most famous Chicago mob shooting was the 1929 St. Valentine's Day Massacre when seven people were killed. Now, when I think of "Bloody Chicago,” I think of every weekend and some weekdays in the Windy City. I had written a letter to the editor last month expressing my distress at the number of children that were being shot and many killed. Since the writing of that letter, the carnage has continued. You cannot  keep up with the number of people shot: 104 Father's Day weekend, 87 on Fourth of July weekend, 63 another weekend, 25 on a Monday and 14 at a funeral! Shootings in Chicago are up 46 percent over last year, with homicides up 48 percent. I have heard it said that it is actually safer in Kabul, Afghanistan than it is in some neighborhoods of Chicago. These figures make the Mafia killings of the 1920’s look inconsequential! Main stream media hardly mentions any of this data. Why? I speculate that is because these crimes are black on black crimes and we only talk about "Black Lives Matter" if it involves the police, not the death of children! Again, I proclaim that "All Lives Matter!”

As far as "bloody politics,” I am referring to the reluctance of our Illinois civic leaders to take action against the people who do not value any lives. The Chicago mayor proclaims that we need more gun laws and that is the only kind of help she wants from the federal government. I would ask the mayor, of the people who have been doing the shootings in Chicago, how many does she think follow current gun laws, have a FOID card, and a registered firearm? As it has so many times been said, "guns do not kill people, people do!" The police union in Chicago has contacted President Trump and asked him to send them help. The police union has declared Mayor Lightfoot, "a complete failure.” Our governor has taken a stance of no federal police in Chicago, because he does not like President Trump. I would ask him, so what are you doing to change things? 

I was always told that the definition of insanity is to continue to do the same thing over and over again, expecting a different outcome. The police have been demoralized and have had their hands tied to the point they cannot do their jobs. It is no wonder the Chicago Police are looking beyond their local leaders and are looking to Washington D.C. for help. I say to the mayor and governor, to stop the insane bloody politics, you need all the help you can get to save all lives!  Mayor Lightfoot finally received enough pressure to have President Trump send in the feds. Lightfoot proclaimed that Chicago was a democracy and it would not be dictated to by the federal government. Approximately one day later, Lightfoot demonstrated her idea of a democracy by removing Columbus statues without public discussion or even discussion amongst her own City Council. The statues were removed in the middle of the night, one of them from an Italian neighborhood. Previously, Lightfoot said that the statues should not be removed for historical reasons. There is an old saying, that if a politician's lips are moving, they are probably lying! As Mayor Lightfoot caved to the BLM group, council members and citizens asked where is the democracy in her unilateral decision to remove the statues? The mayor has opened the door for BLM to demand more and they will! I think the police assessment of her as a "complete failure" is accurate as she would prefer to have parents buy children's caskets rather than to take a stand, support police, protect Chicago's heritage, promote law and order and save its citizens from the anarchist of her perceived democracy.



Stan Struckmeyer