Each year, three instructors from Wabash Valley College are selected as instructors of the year: a transfer instructor, a career and technical education instructor and an adjunct instructor.

WVC is proud to announce this year’s instructors of the year. The members of the WVC student body have selected Ms. Jill Winter as the Outstanding Transfer Instructor of the Year, Ms. Ronda Hockgeiger as the Outstanding Career and Technical Education Instructor of the Year and Mr. D-Ray Etzkorn as the Outstanding Adjunct Instructor of the Year.

Ms. Jill Winter, English/Speech Assistant Professor, has been an instructor at Wabash Valley College since 2003. She holds an Associate of Science degree from Olney Central College, a Bachelor of Arts degree from Eastern Illinois University and a Master of Arts degree from Eastern Illinois University. Jill teaches Composition, Fundamentals of Effective Speaking and Interpersonal Communications.

Ms. Ronda Hockgeiger, Social Services Specialist Instructor, has been an instructor at Wabash Valley College since 2014. She holds two Associate in Applied Science degrees from Wabash Valley College, a Bachelor of Science degree and Master of Science degree in Social Work from the University of Southern Indiana.

Mr. D-Ray Etzkorn, Adjunct Instructor for the Concealed Carry Program, has taught at Wabash Valley College since 2013. 

It is the goal of the WVC Student Senate to recognize three outstanding faculty members by organizing a vote for the student body to select the instructors of the year. Three faculty members are recognized annually who embody the college’s standards for excellence. The instructors receiving the award teach effectively, inspire enthusiasm for learning and show respect for their students.

Congratulations to Ms. Winter, Ms. Hockgeiger and Mr. Etzkorn!