The Grayville Junior High Basketball squad dispatched Wabash County combo Allendale and St. Mary’s last week.

Tyzae Rowland led the Bison with 21 points as the eighth grade Grayville unit defeated the co-op team 59–37.

Allendale/St. Mary’s was able to keep pace early, trailing 15–13 a the end of the first frame and leading 21–20 at the half. The third period would belong to Grayville, however, as they outscored the Wabash County squad 20–9 to pull ahead 40–30. The Bison never looked back down the stretch.

Kanaan Worley registered 12 points in the win, while Zach Leavens netted eight. Ayden Funkhouser and Jake Hosman each put up five points, with Canyon Neeley had six to his name.

Kade Stockton came away with two points in the victory as well.